Village is the most untouched part of our country. The designation of agriculture as the primary sector of economy and the retained status since the last 70 years, indicates the unshaken presence and undisputed importance of a village in our country’s development. Their connection to agriculture, forest, nature, earth and the masses make them the crucibles for change. With modernization came the secondary and tertiary economies, but none as rooted into culture as the primary. The human population in our country, which has for ages lived with the earth – using it for cultivation and for building their housing, using the abundance of solar power and of fresh potable water from rains must again be reminded of the virtues of our traditional knowledge systems and architecture and planning have an uncontested role in this.


The use of the word rural for villages and for undernourished development and frail economies in planning and in the books of policy alike, has had a wide impact on their participation and inclusion in the definition of development. Despite the sustainable concepts, ideas of green living, garden-city-concepts, socially-awake-connectedness and self-designed settlements, the villages true to geomorphological bearings are close to the vernacular are yet to be recognized as the new address for a true definition to development in the times of ecological and environmental imbalances.

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